About Us

FiltroLife is a division of ProgressLuv2Pak, a 100+ year old company, specializing in importing premium packaging products made of a variety of materials, including the polypropylene non-woven (PPNW) used for making face masks. 

Our team was particularly well equipped to respond to the Government of Ontario’s call for help to fill the urgent need for PPE. We dug in immediately to scour the market and worked hard to verify product testing results and certification in order to create a truly reliable offering of premium quality face masks and filters.

After we met the urgent needs of our healthcare clients and gained their confidence, we expanded our focus to developing a robust mask and filter program for the retail and commercial markets. To date, we have shipped over 50 million masks to our clients in North America. 

FiltroLife is now thrilled to offer the highest quality face masks and mask filters available directly to our consumers. Our zest for continuous improvement result in unique, stylish and thoughtful protection that you can rely on as Tested, Certified and Verified.  

FILTROLIFE is a division of Progress Luv2Pak



Certificates and Testing Reports

Certificates and testing reports are available upon request for each of our disposable masks and filters.

Click here to request our certificates or testing reports for a specific mask or filter.



Masks Clients

Medical Healthcare Facilities
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