About Progress Luv2Pak

Progress Luv2Pak is a 100+ year-old company with over 40 years of importing experience from the Pacific Rim, specializing in premium packaging products made of a variety of materials, including polypropylene non-woven (PPNW), the main material used in PPE. Our factories are qualified and production runs are inspected in person by our in-house quality control team in China.

It was clear that our team was particularly well equipped to respond to the government’s call for help to fill the urgent need for PPE. We dug in immediately to scour the market and worked hard to verify product testing results and certification to create our best offering.

We continually stay on top of this volatile market to help our vendors test and certify their masks in order to bring new offerings and capacity to our customers.

Luv2Pak Office Headquarter 20 Tangiers

Our Company

Founded 1917

Family owned & run

Global leader in premium packaging products

Team includes 40 employees in Canada and Asia

In-stock and custom packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes


Our Products

Retail & gift packaging in a diverse range of materials: paper, plastic, metal, fabric and wood

Gourmet food packaging

PPE supplies


Our Services

40 years of ethical direct importing experience

In-house fulfillment, global logistics and rigorous quality control

Structural and graphic design

Established relationship with over 50 Manufacturers